ARDEN’s heart beats for the world’s noblest cars and for the delight in giving the Jaguar or Range Rover vehicles an even more exclusive touch.

Arden makes personalisation dreams come true by taking production Range Rover and Jaguar models and endowing them with superior performance and ultimate quality. Arden delivers cars that stand serenely aloof from the monotony of the crowd through their classic, sporty design, interior refinements and performance. Since decades, Arden continues to bring automobile pleasure to the Land Rover and Jaguar owners, whether by introducing the Arden Fast Cat or by further enhancing the Jaguar Majestic – the aim is always the same: Perfection in Personalisation. Such innovations are only possible through continuous engineering and development. Only in this way is it possible to create trends ahead of their time.

Arden’s range includes the Land Rover models, Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport and all Jaguar models.

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